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Geothermal in Indonesia

Oct 07 2021

Geothermal in Indonesia

Power expansion has been massively targeted by at least last two President regimes, SBY with his two editions of 10,000 MW and Joko Widodo with his 35,000 MW. Among the programs, one of the concerns is the renewable energy especially geothermal. Indonesian geothermal has just developed faster, raising hopes for the future. With approximately 23 GW resources, Indonesia would one day become a geothermal superpower country. And today, although it remains unnoticed, Indonesian geothermal leads at the forefront. Facing the years ahead, Indonesia even poses a possibility to become the largest geothermal user in the world.


At the end of 2020, global installed geothermal power capacity in 10 top geothermal user countries reached 15.3 GW or 13% of the total global geothermal resources. At the same time, Indonesia has installed 2,130 MW from 16 projects or accounts to 9% of its total national resources. Slow but sure, Indonesia now is the 2nd largest geothermal user in the world after the United States (US) (3,676 MW), surpassed Philippines (1,918 MW) in the 3rd position. Among the top-rank geothermal users, only Indonesia that has a significant and continuous rising energy demand which makes room for further geothermal expansion widely open. By 2021, it is expected that some new projects will reach commercial operation date including Sorik Marapi Unit-2 (45MW), Sokoria Unit-1 (5 MW), Rantau Dedap Unit-1 (90 MW), and Dieng small-scale (10 MW), those will add the capacity of operating plant in Indonesia.